For 10 years if I do not have a mirror I still look the same so let’s not focus on what people think and how they perceive you? I am who I am. I like what I like. I love what I love. I do what I want. Get off my back and deal with it. It’s my life, not yours. I don’t want to change the design of the creator I want to use it to my fullest. In life, we grow up, attend school, get a job, get promoted, buy a car, start a family, get a mortgage, lose a job, get a divorce, find a new job, start a new family, move a few times, retire, un-retire, re-retire, play some golf, attend the temple and then die. Is it possible that as we act out this script, we occasionally make a very important life decision incorrectly because we had some misinformation? Definitely yes!

I had neither a picture-perfect life nor I chose to have one but I always tried my level best to put myself inside the frame. As a picture, I have remained the same but frames have changed many times over the years. Who knows that the world may end to-night? Forgive those who hate you, Forget those who hurt you. Life is going to be really challenging, unfair, sometimes painful. Never ever give up, No matter how hard the different life experiences you have been gone through. It’s a life so live life to the fullest.

we are nothing but a heap of neurons, cells, molecules that are ultimately only Physico-chemical compounds. The world exists only in our thoughts and our ideas that create things.

The old one has to go, for the new one to come so death and birth are something like a cycle. Materialism is an illusion (MAYA). it’s not permanent, It will change. Everything will vanish one or another day. Be like the sun, provide brightness to everyone. Living in peace is about living harmoniously with yourself, others. Practice holistic living. Holistic living is the only approach to true conscious living. Life is a mirror that reflects our heart, just as when we look in a mirror we can know our own image, if we look at what happens to us in our life we can know what we have inside the heart. what do you do when you do not like your mirror image?

you can not spend your whole life waiting for the wind to blow in your favor. So bottom line, nothing changes if you do not change. you have to change yourself first to change what surrounds you. You are the engine of change and you have the keys to change almost anything. when we change perspective, the situation becomes less complex and more bearable. Remember, Think positive and bring positive things into your life. What happens to you in life is the reflection of your interior. There are no problems, only challenges. Learn from them! Let’s all live a holistic life. Holistic life is all about the prosperity of discovering and experiencing the joy of living a healthy and balanced life by synthesizing and restoring the balance between body, mind, soul, and spirit to live a more successful and meaningful life.