Stop complaining about Nepal, idiots!

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Stop complaining about Nepal, idiots!

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I am sick and tired of reading and hearing from Nepalese living outside complaining against Nepal. I’m tired of constant baseless criticism. Everyone says the system is not good; we need to create the good system. Nepal needs good leaders. What kind of system they are talking about? Who will create that system? Where can you get that system? Where can we get those leaders?


Have you ever heard these Indian-born CEO’s Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, Indra Nooyi, Shantanu Narayen, Anshu Jain, Ajay Banga and much more complaining about what kind of leader does India need and what kind of system India should have? The answer is NO because they are busy making the best out of what they have.


Let me tell you- when these NRN  hypocrites come to Nepal, they complain about the water they use to clean their face is dirty, the tissue paper they use isn’t soft enough, food they eat is not hygienic, air they breathe is polluted, road they drive is not safe and so on and so forth. There is nothing they like about Nepal. In their so-called vacation trip to Nepal, They like to show off by swiping a credit card, buying some antiques, traveling around as if they are a tourist, snapping some pictures and uploading on Facebook. While they visit Nepal, their entire family is in migration process or they are already migrated. These stupidly unrealistic people get a chance to talk to mainstream media and they try to give cliché pieces of advice. Those who own the country should run the country so, keep your advice for yourself.


Please don’t make a mockery of my people, my media, my society, and my country. These very people want a piece of the pie from Nepal which they sold a long time back for their own benefits. We have people who are smart, who are talented and can build this country on our own. We do not need to borrow ideas and people from outside. We don’t need pseudo-intellectual bullshit in our country.


So cut the crap and stay wherever you are. You take an oath for citizenship to be a citizen and do not serve, respect and obey your own country. You are not needed here. If you are not good enough in your country of citizenship then what will you do for my country?


I have every right to be angry and to complain because I live here in this country and deal with all the political and many other social craps happening around here day and night. Today my complaint is bitter but I love my country, one of the most spectacularly beautiful countries in the world. I love my country for our people, culture, traditions, festivals, belief, social values, art, architecture of the land, and multi-dimensional heritage. I was born here. Genuinely I enjoy living here and I’ll die here. I love my country just the way it is.

*Joshi is an IT Consultant and Lecturer

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