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Society 5.0

Let's break down the evolution of society into the four stages, before entering the fifth stage. Society 1.0 (Hunting Society) was a society based

Holistic Living

Today’s modern world has three main enemies: lack of time, lack of money and lack of harmony between personal life and work. Life is

Why Is There Not A Hindu Nation?

In the name of secularism, our leaders have been felling their personal interest and these people have also put the country's integrity and security

A Male Perspective On Feminism

Gender equality in the family reduces divorce and depression, making them happier and improving the living standard of the individual. It is crucial that

Plastic Politicians, Polyester Parties

Plastic Politicians, Polyester Parties Traitors infest the Nepalese political class and voters think all politicians are corrupt. The voters' low ideological alignment with the

Dark Side Of NGO

Dark Side Of NGO By Deepak Raj Joshi July 21, 2018, 7:29 a.m. Published in Magazine Issue: VOL 12 No.01, July 20, 2018 (Shrawan 04, 2075)

Tapping Generation Z

Tapping Generation Z Disappointed over current politics, due to the excesses of their traditional schemes, young people look for options to solve their problems

Is Representative Democracy Democratic?

Our democracy is caught between nationalism and federalism. On the other hand, populism and nationalism threaten democracy. Our representative democracy no longer represents the

Stop complaining about Nepal, idiots!

Stop complaining about Nepal, idiots! 4 May No Comments admin Uncategorized I am sick and tired of reading and hearing from Nepalese living outside complaining against Nepal. I’m

Which Comes First: Poverty Or Corruption?

Which Comes First: Poverty Or Corruption? 4 May No Comments admin Uncategorized Poverty is a complex phenomenon that admits more than one definition and one scale of measurement.

Ethical Voting

Ethical Voting 4 May No Comments admin Uncategorized We are going to have the first local elections in 20 years. The last local elections were held in 1997.

The Myth of Nepali Nationalism

The Myth of Nepali Nationalism I am afraid some fake nationalists in Nepal have started using nationalism as a political tool to be in

Talking Of Politicide

Talking Of Politicide In short, some law experts call the “political genocide”, a “politicide,” which is a combination of acts of criminality, persecution and

Political Journalism, Or Weaponry?

Political Journalism, Or Weaponry? Journalism and politics are two professions that are linked for life since they are the intermediaries between the government and

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