Kapeed Joshi

I saw a lady pull out a pack of SURYA Cigarette and light one up. The way she pulled out and lit that cigarette was beautifully orchestrated. I did not know why but It was kind of a warm welcome on a cold evening for me. She was really beautiful. she had a beautiful long shiny honey brown hair, large deep-set blue eyes, Bee-stung lips, a delicate nose, sculpted cheekbones and dimpled chin. She was prettier than pink. we started to engage both of us in meaningful conversations. she had a cigarette in her hand and “Bhagavad Gita” on her mind. she knew exactly how to follow her heart without losing her mind. Her outer beauty started to fade away slowly when she started talking to me. She must have had a good heart but her mind was way prettier than her face. she swept me away with carefully chosen words. she sold me with her magic voice, mystic smile, and mysterious mind. I did not realize but she sold myself to me.

She dealt me as a meditation. I could not suspect her, I did not think she played me for money, fame and either for respect. I saw many unanswered questions in her eyes, sometimes I felt something was weighing on her mind in the course of her conversation. At the same time, I knew there’s something in her smile. Whoever she was and whatever she does, she was a little piece of heaven on earth. I was not ready to leave her but I had to say goodbye.

I came home and started thinking about what happened at the coffee shop. I started to fantasize after being hypnotized and head where that path gonna lead me. I wanted her to lead me through the moonlight. I still feel her distance breath on my face. The divine cool breeze air coming from her when she spoke was still on my mind. Is this something that I’ve been searching for, Is this something I am dreaming? It is hard to forget her evil eye no matter how hard I try. After meeting with her I felt, Places that I’ve been are not the places I want go now. I feel like to say so many things which were previously unsaid. All the words she said are still playing me deja vu.

I do not know why my desire to honor her, desire to worship her, desire to praise her, desire to adore her never stopped. Every breath that I take and every moment I’m awake, she is right there in front of my imagination. Is it just my Imagination running away with me or there is something else? Wow what a great dilemma, it’s not like I need someone or I can’t live without someone, it’s just that I never tried to have one but there is something out there forcing me to try and get it done.

I am too scared to face her. I am to scared judge her but guess what, we only die once in a lifetime so it’s better to die to face her. Please do not terrify me, petrify me with your voodoo stuff. Please stop hypnotize me, Paralyze me I’m so, so scared of you. Someone well said, “ A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, but a beautiful woman with a brain is an absolutely lethal combination”.