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Dear  son

How are you? I hope you are fine.Today is one of those days that I miss you a lot. After a long time, I closed my eyes and let myself be carried away in an uncontrollable cry. Shackle in my soul, shouting through my retinas is not easy. The children when they are born are hung like an artery to the heart. To miss someone is one of the most painful feelings we can experience. Missing goes beyond remembering the good moments lived with that person. The memory haunts us day and night.

Your presence generated peace, tranquility, and joy to my life. Yes, I miss you because nowadays things are not as before. Time changes us, the environment changes us. I embrace you every day in my thoughts and you are not alone even in the distance. You came into my life, and you brought me an illusion. you taught me to love. you stole my heart. It does not matter if you are miles away, if you can not see me, you will always be in my heart. Close your eyes and think of me when the loneliness attacks you, I will listen to you and I will know that you need me. My prayer always protects you and my love always bless you.
Never believe that a person will make your life happier. Happiness depends solely on you. Build a path that makes you feel satisfied, that gives joy to your world.

Always Protect your heart, have faith in yourself, and always believe in yourself. when you grow old, Find someone who will share your vision and make your vision a reality. You will be perfect just as you are with your flaws and virtues and you never have to repent for being as you are.

You will grow to the point where I can no longer hold you in my arms but there will always be space for you in my heart. Son, you are the closest to heaven that i’ll ever be in this life. When life takes us to unexpected places, like a corner with no exit, the only thing we want to do is escape from reality.

I think of you every moment. I miss you in my every heartbeat. There is a huge emptiness that takes hold of my heart. someone well said, “ I dropped a tear in the ocean, the day you find it is the day I will stop missing you.”.Your imperfect father always loves you.


Your Father